Best Professional Actor Headshots

Are You In Need of Actor Headshots in Los Angeles?

What separates the best professional actor headshots from photos that get ignored? It's all about having a professional photographer take your headshot. And, if you are in need of actor headshots in Los Angeles, contact CloseUp Crew. 

Our studio has career photographers that are ready to take professional headshots for you and your next project. We work with you to take headshots that evoke who you are as talent. These are headshots that will stand out in a crowded arena full of people taking less than professional headshots at home on their smartphones.

It all starts with a Zoom wardrobe consultation. We talk about you, your career, and the types of characters and looks you're going for. Our studio sessions are so efficient because we do this prep work ahead of time.

You can choose to spend a few hours in our studio for a quick power session or stay for the deluxe experience and shoot even more bookable looks. We also offer an optional hair and makeup service to make sure that you look on point for the roles you're after.

So if you are looking for a place where you can take actor headshots in Los Angeles, get in touch with CloseUp Crew in Burbank, CA to schedule the best professional actor headshots for your career.