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Frequently Asked Questions


What does a "Look" mean?

One "look" just means one setup. Setup meaning an outfit. Taking glasses off and on or taking off a jacket layer is still part of the same look. But Shaving, stopping to straighten or curl hair, and changing clothes such as a shirt or pants starts a new look. For women, changing makeup halfway through the shoot designates another look as well.

Film or Digital? How do I get my photos after the shoot?

Digital, come on. 7 business days after your shoot (Saturday and Sunday not included), you'll receive an email from Adam with a link to a super fancy online gallery. You and your reps will be able to mark your favorites, share on social, download images in high resolution, and even purchase retouching directly through the gallery.

Where do you shoot?

Adam shoots all around Burbank. When you book your session, We'll send you a confirmation email with our office address, where we'll meet. After hair and makeup is done, you'll hop in your car and drive to one the many locations Adam has scouted around town.

Should I book makeup for my shoot?

Real talk? Absolutely. Everyday makeup is different than photoshoot makeup, and you want to make sure you're making the most of your investment. You're committing to spend your time and money with us, and it's not something we take lightly. At the end of the day, we want you to be happy so you can move on to kicking butt in your life and career.

Do you have any wardrobe advice or guidelines?

Please come ready with your top wardrobe choices already selected, so that we can keep the shoot on schedule. Don’t bring any wardrobe you don’t LOVE. Bring a couple of backups in case something doesn’t work on camera. Prints are ok as long as they are NOT too distracting or busy.
Black and white is fine, as long as you have a good variety of other colors to supplement as well.
Pastels often wash out or look ‘Eastery’, so know in advance that we might not choose those, but please do speak up if it’s your favorite option and we’ll see about it.
Actors only need to worry about bringing different tops since the shots focus on the top ¾ of your body or in close so wearing jeans is fine.
Bring sweaters and jackets to layer on top of your shirts.
Bring a variety of colors, patterns, textures, prints and styles. We want simple, not boring! We are happy to help you choose what will showcase you the best once you arrive. Most people bring as many pieces as possible that are already in their wardrobe, but sometimes that might not be enough. Many clients choose to go shopping, keep tags on clothes, then return after the shoot.


What kind of backgrounds do you use for your studio self-tapes?

We normally use a neutral gray, but have several other options to choose from.


Will I get a tape at the end of my session?

Maybe if you're lucky.

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