Virtual Self-Tapes Done Right

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is still here for you.

The industry hasn't stopped. And neither have we!

COVID-19 has changed the game and social distancing has become our "new normal". But that doesn't mean you can't send in awesome Self-Tapes. So we got our crew together and brainstormed the best way to keep serving you.

Need a reader?

Scene partner?

Someone to edit your takes together?


We Got You.


You'll need a few things for us to make some magic together.


Video Device

You'll need something to video call on. Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers will do!


Hi-Speed Internet

Make sure you have a good connection so that everything works seamlessly!


Zoom Account

Download the Zoom App

onto your device and set up your free account.

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Simple Setup

A window works great for natural light and a white wall is perfect for a backdrop!

We've Got Two Options.



If all you need is a reader, this one's for you!

We'll meet you on Zoom and read your scene with you. We can also give you feedback on your lighting & scene if wanted!



If you need a full-service experience, this one's your best option. We will record your scene from our end, then edit, compress, and send your tapes to you and/or your reps.

Customize Your Session.

Have a reader preference? We cater to your every need, so you can do your best take.

Male or Femal Reader.png

Male or Female?

Does your scene call for something specific? Have a preference? We got you.

Standard Reader.png

Standard Reader

Your reader will read the other characters in the scene. Our readers are all experienced actors and will be present with you to give you a clear and strong reading. You can also choose if you'd prefer feedback or not when you book.

Scene Partner.png

Scene Partner

We take it one step further.

Why book a reader when you can book a scene partner? Your reader will come ready to play with your material, bounce off ideas, and dig deeper into the scene. Please book at least 30min for this option.


Whatever you need,

our Crew is ready to play.