Co-Owner, Photographer 

Adam is one of the best portrait photographers in the game. He has shot countless celebrities and high profile clients over his career. From headshots to editorials and even commercial shoots, Adam's the guy you can count on to always get "the shot!" You can check out some of his work here. But what makes Adam particularly special when it comes to actor headshots, is the fact that he's an actor himself! So he knows exactly what it feels like to be in your shoes. He understands the actor and knows how to get the"it" shot out of you. With Adam you'll get a super fun and chill headshot experience. He'll make you feel comfortable from the start and will have you laughing by the time you're shooting! 


Adam's signature style? Making you look and feel ridiculously good, while still looking exactly like YOU.

PK Headshot 1984 copy.jpeg


 Co-Owner, Crew-Coordinator 

Pam's got a heart of gold and a passion for helping actors, having been one herself! She has been performing in Theater since she was a kid and went on to get her degree in acting at UC San Diego. In the last 5 years, she's become fully immersed into the world of TV/FILM as she helped her daughter break into the industry. Needless to say, Pam gets it! She's very familiar with the ups and downs that come with this career and knows first hand how worth it it becomes when you book those roles!

With a professional background in management and a passion for actors, Pam is committed to making sure Closeup Crew is a space that actors can rely on to put their best selves forward. From that first moment you reach out to us through your full experience in our Studio, Pam is here to make sure you always feel supported and are having fun!



 In-House Acting Coach 

Andrew’s got a heck of a talent for storytelling both on and off camera. He’s been acting since the ripe age of 5 and has since built an inspiring career in this industry. As a performer, Andrew has worked with award-winning filmmakers, been part of the hit CBS series “Seal Team”, and has even been nominated for awards as Best Actor. As a filmmaker, he has produced multiple feature films, one of which made it to #1 in the Nigerian Box Office.  And as an acting coach, he has worked with talents such as Dayo Okeniyi (Hunger Games, Greek Freak) and Maria Sten (Swamp Thing, Straight Outta Compton).

If you’re looking for an audition coach that has real-life, multi-faceted industry experience and a strong passion for helping actors find the magic in their scenes, Andrew is it!  He uses a unique approach derived from Meisner technique — focusing on living in the moment, breaking down the scene, diving deep into the character, and ultimately letting it all go for a more freeing performance! 

You can check out Andrew's IMDB here