Introducing our
Signature In-Studio Photoshoots 

with killer results.

By now, we all know that headshots are arguably the most important part of your acting portfolio. It's the first impression you give to industry professionals and a key in helping you gain more opportunities.

At Closeup Crew, we know that the importance of your portfolio goes beyond that one good-looking headshot. To stand out in today's game, your portfolio should include your most bookable looks, specific character-types, and versatile editorials that help build your "brand" as an actor.

That is why we created two different package options that are both designed to give you those multiple headshot looks and killer editorial shots, all in one single session. 


Option 01

Power Hour

1 Hour

3-4 Looks

only $400

There's a reason why our clients rave about this "budget friendly" option! This 1-hour in-studio shoot has been producing a great range of looks for our clients. Seriously, we get 3-4+ looks in every time! ! We'll even be able to throw in some epic editorial shots for PR use or to post on social media.

We use the term “hour” loosely, because what makes the Power Hour so awesome is all the prep we do in advance.

  • Zoom Wardrobe Consults are offered ahead of time so that you are ready for all your targeted looks

  • Our team will have multiple backdrop and lighting options ready to go, so we can move through numerous looks really quickly

  • If you choose to add-on Hair & Makeup, we'll do that before the session, too!

Then at shoot time, we go crazy and you will be amazed at how many looks we can cover in that hour!

Here's some examples of what you can get from one single Power Hour.

Don't miss out! We only offer Power Hour days a few times a month.

Option 02

Deluxe Studio Session


5-7 Looks

4 Hours

If the in-and-out vibe is not for you, we can slow things down and give you our undivided attention for a longer, more in-depth session.
This 4-hour shoot gives us the time to create a strong variety of looks with any major hair, makeup and wardrobe changes you desire!


The Deluxe Studio Session is really designed to give you the power of options! We can focus on headshot portraits, mix in epic editorial shots, or even experiment some interesting looks you have in mind.

Get our undivided attention with no time crunch, so you can have the freedom to really PLAY.

  • Zoom Wardrobe Consults are offered ahead of time so that you are ready for all your targeted looks

  • We'll have the time to experiment with different lighting and poses, so we can find the shots that make you pop for each individual look

  • If you choose to add-on Hair & Makeup, we can have them stay on hand for look-specific hair and makeup changes

5-7 Customized Looks.
All in one Deluxe Studio Session.

Ready to level up your portfolio?


What To Expect

Before The Shoot.

Complementary Zoom Consult

We want to make sure you feel 100% ready and confident for your headshot session! So we offer Complimentary Zoom Consults with all our packages, scheduled a few days before your shoot day. We'll go over wardrobe options and chat about what looks you're wanting to get out of your shoot. The Zoom Consult is also the perfect time to bring in your reps or managers so everyone can get on the same page beforehand. If the current wardrobe isn't sufficient or new ideas come up, then there's extra time for shopping before the shoot day. We like to help you take the stress out, so you can show up and have fun!

The Shoot.

The Studio

We shoot at this really cool studio in Van Nuys called Flashouse

We'll give you all the info about parking and directions after you book your shoot.


Your Photos Delivered.

Color Corrected

We spend some extra time after your shoot to color correct your images. We remove the obvious rejects (eyes closed, blurry, etc.), straighten & crop ones that need it, and prep everything so your photos arrive ready to show off! We want you and your reps to feel ecstatic from that very first impression!


Get Excited!

You'll receive a private gallery of your shoot by email within 5 business days. You can share the link with your reps, friends, & family! Anyone can create their own favorites list to help you make your final selections. You can download and keep EVERY SINGLE PHOTO FROM YOUR SHOOT! No Watermarks... No Strings Attached... 

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 7.30.16 PM.png

Need Retouching?

Yup, we got you for that too. 

You can order any image straight from your private gallery. Our retouchers use a light hand and keep you looking like YOU, but on your best day! 


Your Photographer



Adam is one of the best portrait photographers in the game. He has shot countless celebrities and high profile clients over his career... 

Some of Adam's other Work

Bragging Rights.

He's Pretty Dope Right?

Yeah, we think so too.

The best part of all? When you book with CloseUp Crew, you're getting a high-profile photographer for our fair price of headshots...

Adam is super fun and chill. He'll make you feel comfortable from the start and will have you laughing by the time you're shooting!