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Showcase Your Talent 
at our Los Angeles Self-Tape Audition Studio,
and leave the rest to us. 

Self-Tapes are here to stay.

The truth? They can absolutely suck. 

But they don't have to. That's where we come in.

The Self-Tape Audition Studio

Our self-tape studio is decked out with top of the line equipment.

Because you deserve to submit a clear and professional taped audition that puts your talent in the spotlight.

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20230505-CC-Studio-0082 1.jpeg

Here's the Setup.


3-Point Lighting

Our controlled lighting environment will make you POP no matter the time of day.

Monitor Icon.png

Playback Monitor

With our large playback monitor, you can watch your takes easily throughout your session.


HD DLSR Camera

Make casting feel like they are right in the room with you, with our super clear HD Camera.

Backdrop Icon.png

Premium Backdrop

We've got a Premium Quality, Grey Fabric Backdrop that will add the perfect texture and dimension to your tapes.


Condenser Microphone

Super crisp sound at a distance. No need to worry about any body mics while you act.

Sound Insulation Icon.png

Sound Insulated

We've insulated our entire studio so you can feel completely free to let it all out!

We designed it for you.

Simply put. Our self-tape studio in Los Angeles has this great space that is... Professional. Comfortable. HiTech. Private.

It's everything you need to feel relaxed, confident, and safe to play.

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The Studio
What We Offer

What We Offer

Booking Options.


We know auditions can come in super last minute. So we made it convenient for you.

10am - 8pm Weekdays, 10am - 6pm Weekends

Weekends & Nights, no extra charge.

30 min - 90 min apt times.

Book your sessions within 3 hours.
(call us if you need a last minute session)

Reader Options.


We’re unlike any other self-tape studio in Los Angeles! Our team of readers are real actors who absolutely love what they do. They come in for every self-tape with excitement to help you rock your scene.

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Reader with No Feedback

Come in and do your thing! We'll have someone ready to read with you just like in a casting office. Our readers are all experienced actors and will be present with you to give you a clear and strong reading. 

Reader with Feedback

Looking for something more? Maybe you rather have a reader that you can bounce ideas off of...  a peer or co-actor that may give a few suggestions and really work with you on the scene(s) while you still hold the reins of your audition...

If you choose feedback, our readers will play off of what you bring and give some basic feedback. Think of it like your favorite scene partner from class! Not the lame one that gives you constant line readings and unsolicited opinions on your choices in the scene (we all know one of those). We're talking about that awesome one that works off of your choices and really gives helpful feedback to bring out the best of your performance! 

We recommend scheduling 15-30 minutes additional time for this option.

Coaching Options.


For those challenging roles, important castings, or times you just want an extra push to bring your best self to the material, we've got you covered.

Book One of Our In-House Coaches

We've done the vetting for you and are stoked to bring you our highly raved about, in-house coaches. Each with their own unique approach and style. 


When you book a Coach, you're getting hands-on guidance for your audition. We’ll take the time to dig deep, diving into an exploration of the relationships, environment and character.  Your coach will help you to find key moments and make stronger, more nuanced choices that will help your audition stand out. We’ll find the best physical movement for the camera and those extra layers of emotional truth in your eyes.  Or, let us know what YOU want to work on and we’ll dive in there. Our coaches are warm, encouraging, and take a collaborative approach. But most importantly, they’re also straight shooters and will tell you how it is. Either way, if you want guidance to make sure you’re submitting your best take on the role, we got you. 

Meet the Coaches:









Great choices, right? Let us know who you want to play with when you schedule and we’ll do our best to link you up (pending their availability)!






We do all the work for you. Your files will be cut, edited, labeled, and compressed according to your instructions/needs.
All you got to do is submit.

Rather have the raw, unedited files? Just make the request at your session and we'll send it over! Yes! This is the best self tape studio near me in LA!

Your Files Delivered within 2hrs.

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