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A Little More About Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just some basics about our Los Angeles Headshot Photographer and Self-Tape Studio

  • What kind of background do you use for your studio self-tapes?
    We have a solid neutral grey seamless backdrop that makes all the color in your clothes, skin, and, most importantly, eyes, explode off the screen.
  • What kind of Camera do you shoot on?
    We shoot on a Canon EOS M50 Mark II to give you the highest res and saturation possible.
  • What sound quality can I expect?
    We use a directional RØDE condenser mic to make you sound as crisp as can be. It also adds some distance to the reader, so your voice is the one being highlighted. We decked out our private studio in sound absorbent foam to make it as sound proof as possible.
  • When will I get my tape?
    Our readers will edit your tape and WeTransfer it to you as fast as possible, usually within an hour. If you tell us the deadline for your tape, we'll make sure to get it to you before. We generally ask you give us at least 30 minutes between the end of your tape and the deadline.
  • Will you edit my tape for me?
    We let you make your selects in the room and then we edit them together and compress them for you. But, if that's not your style, we can also give you the tape as separate takes, or all the files for you to edit yourself. If you want to take all the files, we ask you bring your computer or a thumb drive for us to dump them on.
  • Will my reader give me notes or feedback?
    That depends on you. All of our readers are working actors and great at what they do, so they are happy to dive in with you or let you do your thing. We're here for you so whatever you need for your tape, we got you.
  • What does a "Look" mean?"
    One "look" just means one setup. Setup meaning an outfit. Taking glasses off and on or taking off a jacket layer is still part of the same look. But Shaving, stopping to straighten or curl hair, and changing clothes such as a shirt or pants starts a new look. For women, changing makeup halfway through the shoot designates another look as well.
  • How do I get my photos after the shoot?
    7 business days after your shoot (Saturday and Sunday not included), you'll receive an email from Adam with a link to a super fancy online gallery. You and your reps will be able to mark your favorites, share on social, download images in high resolution, and even purchase retouching directly through the gallery.
  • Where do you shoot?
    At our brand new photo studio in Burbank! We have tons of backgrounds, lighting set ups, a make up room, and an espresso machine. Anything you'd ever need to get your creative photo juices flowing.
  • Should I book makeup for my shoot?
    Real talk? Absolutely. Everyday makeup is different than photoshoot makeup, and you want to make sure you're making the most of your investment. You're committing to spend your time and money with us, and it's not something we take lightly. At the end of the day, we want you to be happy so you can move on to kicking butt in your life and career.
  • Do you have any wardrobe advice or guidelines?
    Zoom Wardrobe Consult: It’s all the prep work that makes these hours so insanely productive. We will have numerous lighting and background options set up and ready to go when you arrive and if you have your wardrobe well-planned, we can easily move through a bunch of different looks in a short amount of time. That’s why we highly recommend you Zoom with us a few days before you shoot. It gets us all on the same page, and if we come up with new or different ideas than you had originally planned, it gives you time to shop before you come. Your reps are welcome to join us on the call as well. If you requested a complementary Zoom Wardrobe Consultation, we will set you up for your Zoom the week before your shoot to schedule it. If you didn’t request one and change your mind, please e-mail us at and we will be happy to schedule it for you. Please plan for 3-4 looks for a Power Session 4-6 looks for a Classic Shoot 5-8 looks for a Deluxe Session And make sure you bring everything we talk about on our Zoom and if we aren’t Zooming, make sure have a lot of extra options in case something doesn’t look right on camera or we have some extra time. Even if you are mostly planning on headshots, bring a few pairs of pants/jeans (dresses are welcome) and shoes so we can get a few full body shots. Wardrobe Tips: Here are some notes about wardrobe: You provide your own wardrobe. Be prepared for an array of shots ranging from headshots to full body shots. While headshots will be the focus, make sure you have wardrobe for your full body – shirts, jackets, pants, jeans, dresses, shoes. Begin by considering the character types you are most likely to play. What would those characters wear? Watch TV and see what they are wearing in commercials, film, and TV shows. You don’t want to be too “on the nose,” i.e. no lab coats for doctor types, you just want to suggest the types you may be cast as. One way to break it down something neutral (for your generic theatrical headshot), something soft, something edgy, something quirky, something professional, etc. Choose clothes that bring out your essence. Though you may be suggesting character types, we want to see YOU come through! Another consideration is age range. Your first outfit can support the younger characters you will play, working up to the older end of your range; Keep it fairly simple, and generally avoid clothes that are distracting with loud colors, busy prints, patterns, stripes, graphics and logos; Some of patterns or logos can work, especially if you put a jacket over it. We just don’t want to be looking at your clothes instead of you. Rich colors, jewel tones are nice; Light colors/pastel tones can wash you out; Avoid primary colors, like a pure red, blue or green Black or white tops can work in some cases; Use colors that match and draw out the color in your eyes; Consider layers, with shirts over t-shirts; Lightweight jackets can work; Leather jackets are great. For guys, we love Henley’s! When you are shooting several outfits, tops with different colors, styles and necklines will give you more variety in your pictures; Think about how the neckline serves to frame your face. Generally avoid very loose, open necklines (like a wide scoop neck); Consider how different hairstyles work with each outfit; Men, consider which outfits are best with scruff, and which you should shoot after shaving; Wear clothes that fit well, that make you feel comfortable and confident; Take pictures of yourself with your phone in each top to see how it works in a photograph; Clothes should be clean and wrinkle free. Use a lint brush on dark clothes, little details really show up in photographs – we have a steamer if you need some touch-ups. Please bring extra outfits for each “look,” and we will make final choices at the beginning of your session; If you don’t like it, don’t bring it; If you don’t bring it, we can’t shoot it.

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