Self-Tape Near Me

Flip the Script With Our Self-Tape Near Me

The way we do casting has changed dramatically over the last few years. If you want to stay ahead of these changes to landing some of the biggest roles in cinema, you need to find a studio that offers you self-tape near me.

When you find a self-tape near me, you're going to have access to a new frontier of auditioning for roles. Self-tape as a way of auditioning that doesn't involve you going into the studio. These auditions are conducted digitally and involve Talent pre-recording their auditions to agencies, casting departments, and other interested groups.

Our team offers you a tiered approach to self-tape. You can come into our professional studio, which has been set up by industry experts to give you the best sound, video, and lighting possible. Here are the three types of self-tape we offer.

  • The DIY Approach - You come in, bring your talent, record your tape, and you're done. We have experienced actors who are ready to do line reads with you as well as a professional crew that can help you set up lighting and record your shot.

  • Feedback From Working Actors - Our experienced actors can also give you feedback if you're looking for something a little more. They can help you discover the character within you and bring your self-tape to life.

  • Coaching and Self-Tape - We also have experienced acting coaches. You can take everything to the next level. Even A-list Hollywood actors still rely on acting coaches for nailing tricky rolls.

Learn more about making your first self-tape at CloseUp Crew in Burbank, CA!