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Classes and Workshops 

with Top Industry Professionals

Being an actor is a mix of things that you did not necessarily know you were signing up for, right? Acting can be fun and rewarding, but it can be hard work, not to mention everything you have to do outside of the craft itself. 


Did you know you were going to need a business degree as well as actor training? And what about the part where you are supposed to be soft and vulnerable on

the inside and tough and resilient on the outside?

Those things must have been in the small print!

We're reaching out to some of our favorite industry professionals to come and talk

about everything it's gonna take to get your acting work out there and

get down to business. Literally.

Whether it's demystifying reps, making an actor action plan, or taking time to reawaken your inner artist, we have the class for you.

*Keep checking back as we will be adding classes throughout the summer and fall.


WITH Kanica Suy

3 Hours


Sunday, August 27th   

New to the business of acting or struggling in your career?

This 3-hour workshop breaks down the business of acting from getting started, to your perfect pitch package, to representation, and how to be a successful actor.

What we'll be covering

  • The Team: All the in's and out's of agents, managers, publicists,

    business managers and lawyers. How do you know who to hire

    and when? Kanica will answer all your questions including

    what they do and how they are compensated so you will know

    how to get effective representation at the right times in your


  • Pitch Package: What is required has changed with the industry

    and technology. Find out how to put together a current, high-end,

    pitch package, including high-quality headshots, resume, query

    letters, reels, self-tapes and where to start if you don't have


  • Gain tools and insights to overcome your blocks to

    becoming a successful actor: You can't skip this part!

    We all have internal and external blocks to success and you

    cannot get past them unless you identify whatever is getting in

    your way to reaching your goals. Internal fears, self-doubt and all

    the "not enoughs," training, finances, networks. You will make a

    list of things that stand in your way and unpack it so you can

    conquer these blocks step-by-step.

  • Action Plan: Round out the create an action plan to reach your


"I learned so much during my Business of Acting Seminar with Kanica. She taught me useful information to have and know about the acting industry.  I ended up writing 4 pages of notes! She also told us how to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion as an artist. Which I found to be one of the biggest and best takeaways from her seminar.” - Annie B.


Your Teacher

MEET Kanica


Kanica Suy is a Certified Life Coach and Career Consultant, CEO and Founder of Cultivate Entertainment, and a Yoga Teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance. She approaches her coaching of professionals and artists with genuine compassion, a commitment to their long-term growth, and is able to leverage two decades of experience in the entertainment industry to consult and guide as needed. Kanica holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from UCLA, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles. She is also board member of non-profits Inner City Filmmakers and GO Campaign. 

Your Photograper

Bragging Rights.

She's Pretty Awesome Right?

Yeah, we think so too.

The best part of all? Like everything at CloseUp Crew, we do our best to bring you high-end professionalism at a reasonable cost. When you book a class or workshop with us, you're getting top-level industry professionals. 

Everyone we work with is fun, professional, and ready to play. We'll make you feel right at home and ready to take on the business. We got you!

What To Expect
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